Top Foods to Try in Switzerland

A resident of Texas, Peter Bergstein has many passions and hobbies, including sailing and boating, fly fishing, and skiing. Peter Bergstein also enjoys the Swiss cuisine.

If you’re visiting Switzerland for the mountains and scenery, don’t forget to indulge in the many unique culinary options available. Here are some of the top foods to try:

1. Fondue: A classic, fondue has long been ingrained in the Swiss culture. Rustic bread is skewered on long forks and dipped into a pot of melted cheeses (usually gruyere and vacheron). It makes for a perfect ending to a long day on the ski slopes.

2. Papet Vaudois: Another culinary classic, Papet Vaudois is a savory, earthy delicacy that combines sausage with a stew of leeks and potatoes.

3. Raclette: One of the tastiest cheeses to be found in Switzerland, raclette is usually grilled over a fire and then served over boiled potatoes, onions, and pickles.

Don’t forget to pair all of these delicious dishes with the right wine.


Getting Involved at the Texas Boys Ranch

Peter Bergstein is actively involved in his community and supports many organizations and charities, including the Texas Boys Ranch. In addition, Peter Bergstein has been a member of many boards over the years for groups such as the Lubbock Rotary Club and the Red Raider Organization.

A nonprofit organization, the Texas Boys Ranch is a child care facility, foster care agency, children’s shelter, and adoption agency licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Since 1975, the Lubbock organization has cared for more than 1,100 children, ages 3 to 18.

The organization invites interested parties to contribute their time or donate to the ranch. Volunteers can choose among several roles, including that of a ranch wrangler, who helps maintain the property, and a homework hero, who offers tutoring services to the children. There are many more roles to choose from; they are listed on the website,

Additionally, the Texas Boys Ranch is always seeking compassionate families willing to provide foster care. There are approximately 30,000 children in the foster care system right now, and they all need the love and support of a foster family.

Swiss Cuisine

When Holland-born Peter Bergstein became a naturalized U.S. citizen, he celebrated by riding his motorcycle from his home in Lubbock, Texas, to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. In addition to motorcycling, he also enjoys sailing, fly-fishing, and skiing. Peter Bergstein especially enjoys taking his family to Switzerland, where he indulges both his passion for skiing and his love of Swiss cuisine.

Switzerland’s cuisine reflects its strong agricultural traditions and often features potatoes, grain, and cheese. Fondue is perhaps the dish most frequently associated with Switzerland. It most commonly consists of a mixture of melted gruyere and emmentaler cheese with garlic, white wine, and sometimes other ingredients, served in a small pot called a caquelon that sits over a flame to keep it hot. The Swiss eat fondue by using long-handled forks to dip chunks of seasoned bread. A very popular variation of the fondue method is to dip fresh fruits, such as strawberries, into chocolate that has been melted in the pot.

Another traditionally Swiss dish is rosti, a small fried or baked breakfast pancake made of shredded potato and sometimes other ingredients such as bacon, cheese, onion, or even apple. Another popular Swiss breakfast is muesli, often called birchermuesli in honor of its inventor, Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who developed the cereal, fruit, and vegetable mixture around 1900.

Zurchergeschnetzeltes, made of small veal strips, sliced mushrooms, and cream, is a favorite entrée, especially when served with rosti. Further, the Swiss make a famous bread called Zopf, very similar to the Jewish challah, a braided loaf made with flour, milk, and butter, and brushed with an egg-and-oil mixture to make a nice glaze. For dessert, bundnemusstorte is a pie-shaped pastry with a filling of chopped nuts, cream, and caramelized sugar.

Volunteer at the South Plains Food Bank

Peter Bergstein is an active member of his community and maintains involvement in multiple organizations, including the Lubbock Rotary Club, the Red Raider Organization, and the American Private Pilot Association. Additionally, Peter Bergstein enjoys charity work and supports the Texas Boy’s Ranch and the South Plains Food Bank.

Located in Lubbock, Texas, the South Plains Food Bank (SPFB) is a nonprofit organization committed to addressing and alleviating hunger. The organization secures, grows, and distributes food to charities and individuals in need while also offering opportunities to help people break out of poverty. The nonprofit was founded in 1983 and serves a 20-county area in West Texas through partnerships with 220 agencies and churches.

As a nonprofit, the SPFB often relies on the generous support of volunteers. Volunteers are needed to prepare food for distribution, which involves sorting, packaging, and packing donated food. Volunteers also help in the kitchen or work at the reception desk. Additionally, volunteers can contribute at various special events or partner with other nonprofits, including the Second Helpings and Kids Café programs.

Volunteer hours are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on select Saturdays. To find out more, visit

Charles Aznavour – Renowned French Composer and Singer

Among his diverse interests, Peter Bergstein enjoys music. Peter Bergstein is passionate about the American vocal group The Eagles and the long-time French singer, actor, and songwriter Charles Aznavour.

Aznavour was born Shahnour Varenagh Aznavourian in 1924 in Paris to Armenian parents. Both parents were artistic; his father’s heartfelt vocal style influenced his son’s youthful singing. However, a diseased vocal cord hindered Aznavour’s tonal qualities. His singing had a raspy tone that led him to concentrate instead on theater and films. At age nine, he appeared in a play, Un Bon Petite Diable, and a film, La Guerre des Gosses.

While still a teenager, Aznavour toured as a member of theatrical companies, danced in nightclubs, and wrote music for nightclub singer Pierre Roche. This opened the door for Aznavour’s vocals. Edith Piaf, already a singing star, encouraged him to develop his own singing style.

Success initially eluded him. French radio refused to play Aznavour’s music on grounds of being mildly risqué. He earned his living in second-rate venues on three continents. Audiences had difficulty grasping his unusual but expressive vocal style and realistic love songs.

Tastes changed and, in 1956, Aznavour’s reputation grew after being enthusiastically received in Casablanca. Performing at better clubs in France led him to a recording contract and several movie appearances, most notably Francois Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player. The role made him a star in France and paved the way to fame in America.

Aznavour sang at Carnegie Hall in the early 1960s, followed by a one-man show in 1965. Critically and publicly acclaimed, Aznavour signed a contract with Reprise, Frank Sinatra’s label. In the decades since, Aznavour’s style has remained popular. His voice has been regarded as pleasingly similar to Sinatra’s and Maurice Chevalier’s.

Sport, Recreational, and Private Pilot Certificates

A licensed pilot, Peter Bergstein takes an active role in the flying community. Peter Bergstein is a member of the American Private Pilot Association.

To become a pilot in the United States, a candidate must pass both a written and a practical examination. All candidates begin by acquiring a student pilot certificate, which allows them to train and work up to a solo flight. After the solo flight and further training, they can apply for a sport, recreational, or private pilot certificate.

The sport pilot certification carries the most limitations. Sport pilots may only fly light sport aircrafts (LSAs), a relatively new form of craft that is lighter in weight and includes seating for only one or two persons. The sport pilot certificate, in existence since 2004, requires less training and does not demand a medical certificate.

The recreational pilot certificate also carries certain limitations. A recreational pilot may fly only during daylight hours and may fly only craft with a single power plant of under 180 horsepower. Recreational pilots are also limited in the distance they may fly without special authorization. For this reason, most recreational pilots go on to earn private pilot certificates, which allow for the possibility of more advanced authorizations such as poor-weather or professional flying.

America’s Cup 2017

An enthusiast of sailing, Peter Bergstein is a former athlete who sailed on Holland’s international team. Today, Peter Bergstein enjoys the sport as a spectator, following competitions such as America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race.

With rumors of teams from Russia, Greece, China, and Canada joining America’s Cup 2017, it was announced in August of 2014 that crews from Britain, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, and France will officially race against the reigning title holder United States. Dubbed team Oracle, the American team is skippered by Jimmy Spithill, an athlete that is no stranger to the competitive sailing scene. Spithill led the team to its 2013 championship after falling to 1-8 against the Emirates Team from New Zealand. Sealing their second consecutive victory, the team finished 9-8 over New Zealand.

Among crew members seeking to take the United States’ third win is Ben Ainslie. A four-time Olympic gold medalist, he joined team Oracle during the 2013 races, and his tactics played an integral role in the Oracle win. However, Ainslie will lead Britain’s Royal Yacht Squadron during the 35th annual race with a mission to bring the trophy home to Great Britain.