About Peter Bergstein

Originally from Holland, Peter Bergstein now maintains an active life in Texas with his wife and family. He enjoys a variety of hobbies, including boating, motorcycling, fly fishing, and skiing. Particularly fond of the mountains and lakes of Colorado, Peter Bergstein is a member of the Colorado Springs Fly Casting Club and the Garden of the Gods Club.

Peter Bergstein has made many trips to destinations across the United States, many of which he has undertaken on his motorcycle. He has joined his cycling club on rides through Redwood National Park in California and along Highway 1, which runs along the state’s coastline. He also rode through Canada during one of his trips. When he became a U.S. citizen, he drove his bike to Manhattan to visit the Statue of Liberty. A collector of rare Harley-Davidson motorcycles, he displays his acquisitions in his office.

An avid boater as well, Peter Bergstein often watches the America’s Cup yacht race. He was a competitor in the race during his youth, and he recently attended the 2013 race in San Francisco. With a keen interest in learning about the technical aspects of sailing, Mr. Bergstein counts Dennis Conner’s Sail Like a Champion as his favorite book.


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